Chatbots are a glimpse to future of marketing and customer engagement

Miko Morales

As important as a company’s product or service is to its success, how it is marketed and how the company engages with its customers is just as vital to its continued success and longevity. 

With the amount of intrusive ads, noise and competition online, it is much harder for companies to stand out and create genuine engagement with a growing base of customers. Chatbots are the budding solution to these problems.

Chatbots are evolving how businesses and brands are interacting with their customers by creating an efficient and reliable customer feedback and engagement loop.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

Chatbots provide a platform for seamless and nearly instantaneous customer interactions

Chatbots are accessible anytime, and anywhere which means customer queries are quickly answered and customer service is responsive and efficient. Since chatbots run on artificial intelligence, they also provide experiences which are consistent and hassle-free.

Chatbots are platform agnostic

Chatbots are available on most devices and are now being utilized on most messaging apps. This gives brands and businesses access to larger and more diverse customer bases for them to engage and market themselves.

Chatbots are becoming a grassroots form of marketing and engagement

Chatbots are able to engage with individual users at any time through automated messaging which creates a unique way of experiencing ads. They are also able to personalize its content to specific customers by suggesting products and services based on previous interactions. Furthermore, chatbots are able to engage in conversational interactions with customers which simulates traditional customer interaction and engagement but with the speed and efficiency of today’s digital marketplace.   

Chatbots can be a direct source of feedback 

Brands and businesses can directly learn from their customers through the interactions with chatbots. Chatbots’ ability to provide almost instantaneous assistance and information for both brands and customers helps foster a better relationship between the two.

In the Philippines, brands both worldwide and local brands are starting to use chat bots for their marketing and customer engagement. Krispy Kreme and FERN-C are using chatbots for both e-commerce and to market their latest products and deals to customers. Knorr meanwhile is taking customer engagement to a whole new level by having a chatbot that suggests and schedules what food to cook. 

Having a hand in all this is Megamobile Inc. who is at the front lines of bringing chatbots to the country to create better customer experiences and open a new avenue of marketing for companies. With Megamobile Inc.’s development of chatbots, the evolution and future of marketing and customer engagement is at hand.

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