How chatbots are evolving the world of e-commerce

Miko Morales

E-commerce is in constant evolution. There are now a variety of ways people can get their favorite products and services hassle-free and quickly. Whether it be through online shopping stores or apps, e-commerce has changed how all of us buy products.

However, as easy as it is to buy your favorite products, businesses and companies have yet to fully explore how to personalize the shopping experience for each of their growing customer base. The solution, fortunately, is already here: chatbots.

Chatbots are the next step in how businesses can improve customer engagement while providing the same hassle-free convenience of online shopping. Let’s have a look at how chatbots are pushing the evolution of the e-commerce industry:

1. Chatbots are personalizing the shopping experience

Chatbots are changing the way shoppers navigate online stores through their built-in artificial intelligence. They can learn from previous interactions and purchases and help customers in the future by making suggestions to further streamline their experience. Chatbots can also simulate a conversational type of interaction creating a more engaging and interesting experience for customers. Chatbots are helping facilitate connections between customers and a brand or business.

2. Chatbots are changing online marketing

Chatbots have the ability to reach brands and businesses’ customer bases individually through push notifications creating an effective and up-to-date online marketing campaign. This makes sure the latest and most apt promos and products are marketed to the customer base. What chatbots promote can even be heavily personalized or individualized based on previous experiences with customers. This makes marketing though chatbots efficient, cost-effective, and non-intrusive for customers.

3. Chatbots are streamlining customer service

Chatbots are helping create efficient customer feedback and service loop since they are available anytime, anywhere and can provide direct answers all thanks to its database. It has the ability to respond to queries and feedback instantaneously. This means no more waiting around for a customer service rep. They have also become the avenue for customers to send direct feedback to companies to help improve their services and products. This opens up opportunities for businesses to focus their human resources on more important customer matters.

4. Big brands are now using chatbots 

Locally, brands such as FERN-C, Moringa-O2 and Krispy Kreme are now employing chatbots for their e-commerce services. These well-known brands are using chatbots on huge platforms such as Viber and Facebook to help customers shop online for their favorite products. It’s also proof chatbots are becoming mainstream in the Philippine e-commerce industry.

Pioneering this is Megamobile Inc. who is the leading developer of chatbots in the Philippines. They are showing that chatbots are changing how companies can operate more efficiently in the e-commerce industry and how chatbots are starting to shape the future of e-commerce itself.

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