Enjoy the security of insurance and grow your investments with Cocolife LifeVest

Ensuring you and your family’s financial security and protection is of utmost importance for anyone especially with the future’s uncertainty and volatile nature — but it doesn’t mean you should stop there. It’s just as important to work towards reaching your dreams and financial goals for a better future.

Cocolife’s newest product, LifeVest, gives this flexibility to Filipinos.

LifeVest is an affordable “investment-linked life insurance plan” which offers Filipinos “the perfect balance between your savings and protection.” LifeVest is part of Cocolife’s continuous efforts to develop and tailor products that are responsive to the ever-evolving needs of Filipinos.

“Cocolife shares your dream of an improved and secured quality of life. This is why we develop products which give you freedom to design according to your needs and resources,” said Cocolife President and CEO Atty. Jose Martin A. Loon.

Cocolife LifeVest consists of two essential products rolled into one: life insurance and investments. The former provides protection for Filipino families from financial troubles and unexpected burdens with a death benefit that comes with level and increasing benefit options.

The latter will help clients grow their investments through expertly managed funds and enjoy competitive fund earnings.

Cocolife touts LifeVest as a way for Filipinos to find opportunities to seamlessly invest while also ensuring financial security and protection through insurance. The company stresses the value of the balance in growing one’s money with protecting the financial wellbeing of the family.

LifeVest is available in two variants: Single Pay and Limited Pay in 5-pay or 7-pay options. Minimum premium pay for Single Pay is at P60,000 while Limited Pay has a minimum annual premium of P30,000.  

Cocolife LifeVest clients can also add more protection coverage through attachable riders. Limited Pay can avail of riders such as Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Waiver of Premium upon Disability, Critical Illness Benefit Rider, Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death of the Payor, and Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death and Disability of the Payor.

Those on Single Pay can avail Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Critical Illness Benefit riders.

Loyalty bonuses and rewards will also be given to customers who avail of Cocolife LifeVest policies. Keeping it active for ten years will entitle clients to a loyalty bonus which is credited at the end of the 10th policy year and every 10 years thereafter. Policyholders who keep LifeVest active also get the benefit from an allocation bonus which is a special bonus equivalent to 100% of the premium charge deducted from the initial premiums.

Cocolife LifeVest provides coverage up to age 100 and can cater to people with various financial needs and those who come from different backgrounds. As a variable life insurance product, it can be for young professionals, parents, to even executives.

Through their newest product, Cocolife aims to continue their commitment of providing Filipinos the opportunities and security to reach their financial goals and fulfill their dreams.

“We assure you that Cocolife will provide you with only the highest quality of service, as we have done for the past 40 years. It is a commitment that made us the first ISO-certified life insurance company in the Philippines. As one of the recognized industry leaders, Cocolife will continue to keep its promise to actively help create a better life for you,” added Loon.

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