Finding the right sanctuary in a Sta. Lucia home

February 26, 2022

In the new normal, the qualities that define "right living space" have somewhat changed.

While the usual metrics of strategic location, choice amenities and solid track record of the developer are still just as important today, new benchmarks have emerged due to the pandemic.

Today, convenience and accessibility have become priorities, along with proximity to nature, availability of nearby parks or wide open spaces, and even integration of designs that bring the outdoors in. It should be a home and community that can provide a holistic lifestyle in which you are healthy, safe and productive. Most importantly, it should be a home and community that can you rightfully call a peaceful sanctuary.

Sta. Lucia Land knows exactly what providing a true sanctuary means as it has been doing so for some time now. Its parent firm, the Sta. Lucia Group, has been in the business of building homes and communities for more than five decades, with a diverse portfolio comprising more than 250 developments that include lake and golf communities, resort-themed homes, farm lots, condotels, lots and house-and-lot units.

The company continues to improve on these developments, which have since provided residents with homes and communities that are well suited in these times.

For instance, among its most favored developments today are the lakeside communities and the farm lots, as these proved to be the most ideal investment during the pandemic. These spaces have allowed one to maintain the right balance of being able to enjoy life's modern conveniences and the calming vibe of the rural and suburban areas.

Its Catalina Lake Residences in Batangas, La Alegria in Silay, Negros Occidental, and The Lake at St. Charbel is Dasmarinas, Cavite, are among those that have been shown to provide an ideal living and breathing space, given its lush greenery, open spaces and calmings view of the water.

Meanwhile, Sta. Lucia's La Huerta Farms and Residences in Laguna would allow future owners to revel on the beauty of nature brought about by scenic views such as the enchanting mountains of Makiling and Tagaytay, the historical Laguna Lake and verdant fields of Canlubang.

To further ensure that your spaces will truly be the sanctuary you've dreamed of, Sta. Lucia Land offers a few tips to level up your home.

A fresh, bright coat for a better vibe. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a space. More so, if you choose the right colors for you. Some opt for warm colors like yellows and reds, which evoke a happy, cozy vibe, while others prefer cool colors like blues and greens as these usually create a more relaxing, soothing environment.

Make space for greens. There are numerous benefits to becoming a plantito or plantita as studies have shown how greens could help improve one's overall health and well-being. It is widely believed that the color green, aside from symbolizing nature, helps relieve stress and stimulate healing. You can also instead use paints or decor in this hue to help set the mood in your living space.

Calm the senses through scents. You already have the perfect setting with the lake as your backdrop or majestic mountain views. Now all you need to do is breathe in the good vibes—via aromatherapy. According to some studies, orange, lemon, sandalwood, lavender, rose and bergamot are among the scents that can help ease one's anxiety and depression. Fragrant candles, reed diffusers, and air purifiers placed in strategic areas around your living space can help in reducing stress.

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