Bria Homes and the year that was

January 28, 2023

In the Philippines and elsewhere in the world, a new year brings fresh resolve to make worthwhile changes in life—from upgrading one's domicile to recharging career goals.

These were sectors in which top-tier residential property developer Bria Homes excelled, making the year 2022 a banner year for the company.

To start with, Bria further affirmed its status as the most trusted provider of affordable homes in the Philippines. It relentlessly pushed its developments both north and south of Metro Manila.

With its steadfast online presence, property-seeking overseas Filipino workers were readily enticed into checking out such offerings with just a few clicks. Financially literate OFWs quickly realized that real estate is a secure, tangible asset that is resistant to the whims of the times. This was not lost on aspiring Filipino homeowners, including upwardly mobile millennials, who now look at property as a worthwhile investment and a hedge against inflation.

Bria Homes also chose to go the whole nine yards for better customer experience , as it rolled out a new product line—the xE Series of Enhanced House Models.

This xE series is actually an upgraded edition of Bria's Elena, Elyana and Bettina house and lot units, which tout exterior enhancements such as their own fences and gates, and a finely finished front pavement.

Bria also mounted in 2022 its goal-setting campaign called ‘Make It Yours', which kicked off at Bria's Worldwide Virtual Property Expo, a two-day, 24-hour event that was made accessible on Bria's official website. Both campaign and virtual expo generated interest among OFWs and immigrants who wish to retire and resettle in their old hometowns.

In the same year, Bria launched multiple condo projects bearing the ASTRA by Bria brand, which is now part of the homebuilder's aggressive expansion plans for 2023 moving forward.

Bria Homes likewise marked 2022 with multiple turnover events. The company graciously gave away house-and-lot units to winners at competitions such as Sing Galing, and awarded a brand-new Bria house and lot worth P1.5 million for the "May Bahay sa Bakuna" program. Mass hiring came up when Bria celebrated Labor Day with a Job Fair in all Bria offices across the country.

Such industry-topping moves resulted in well-deserved recognition as Bria was named Asia's Most Affordable Housing Developer of the Year at Asia's Golden Icon Awards 2022. For its outstanding drive in providing the affordable condo lifestyle, Bria was also hailed as the Most Trusted Condo Developer of the Year in Asia's Pinnacle Awards.

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