Distinct Rockwell workstyle comes to IPI Center

By Amy R. Remo @amyremoINQ

April 13, 2024

It stands unrivaled, renowned for creating luxurious spaces that elevate and enrich lifestyles.

From the time it was founded in 1995, Rockwell Land has since successfully carved a niche in the local realty scene, introducing its signature lifestyle in what are rightfully among the most coveted addresses in the country.

These safe, exclusive, and self-sustaining communities—starting with its flagship development, Rockwell Center Makati —are thoughtfully designed for the affluent few, offering premier facilities that address the diverse needs of residents. From the lush green spaces and recreational areas to state-of-the-art fitness centers and elegant lounges, every aspect of a Rockwell development has been meticulously planned to enrich the living experiences of residents.

It’s no wonder why Rockwell Land continues to evoke prestige and respect, particularly among those in the know.

Rockwell ‘workstyle’

Beyond residential projects, however, Rockwell Land’s pursuit of excellence and elegance is also aptly reflected in its workspaces, where the same level of foresight, innovation, and dedication to quality and sophistication are evident.

Rockwell Workspaces mirrors this upscale developer’s residential ethos of thoughtful design and user-centric amenities—providing future-proof offices that integrate pandemic learnings, offer conducive settings, and inspire productivity. Locators get to embrace that distinct “Rockwell workstyle”—characterized by safety, convenience, exclusivity, and unparalleled services.


for green buildings

The Rockwell workstyle remained relevant even postpandemic as it addressed emerging demands of companies who prioritized the health and well-being of their employees.

Colliers Philippines had pointed out this growing trend among occupiers, which stoked the demand for green-certified buildings. Citing Colliers’ Global Occupier Outlook Report last year, Colliers Philippines said companies across the globe are investing more on environment, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, including green design, tech-enabled features that promote health and safety, well-being amenities, and inclusive workplace environments.


office solutions

Rockwell Land has responded adeptly to this through its future-proof, tech-driven features. These initiatives have not only earned certifications from green building authorities but also cemented Rockwell’s reputation as a forward-thinking leader in sustainable workspace solutions.

Currently, Rockwell offices run on 100-percent renewable energy, which is good both for the environment and occupiers looking to further “green” their operations. Its workspaces are the first in the Philippines to have the VRF inverter airconditioning system which utilizes a “wind-free” technology, ensuring filtered and clean still air for occupants.

Rockwell offices also feature flexible and open workspaces with high ceilings and operable floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light and ventilation; CCTVs and RFID card systems to ensure security; waste reduction measures and low-flow water fixtures; 24-hour technical and engineering support; 24/7 automatic fire suppression system; 100-percent backup power; and charging stations for electric vehicles. Naturally, Rockwell offices are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

Modern approach

Essentially, Rockwell Land takes a more modern approach to office developments by integrating sustainability, enhanced safety measures, scenic views, and ample spaces within offices. This creates a less congested, more conducive, and refreshing work environment that makes office life a pleasant experience for employees.

Today, thousands of employees are enjoying that distinct workstyle in four Rockwell offices: Rockwell Business Center Ortigas in Pasig City; Rockwell’s first LEED Gold certified building, 8 Rockwell in Makati City; Rockwell Business Center Sheridan in Mandaluyong City; and Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan City.

Redefining office

life in Cebu

Soon, Cebuanos will also have a taste of this Rockwell workstyle.

Rockwell Workspaces at IPI Center is poised to redefine office life in Cebu, providing spaces that offer balance between conduciveness and functionality, while infusing Rockwell’s unique touch of exclusivity and sophistication. It will rise within the 2.8-hectare IPI Center, a community comprising residences, office towers, and retail hubs amid open spaces.

Here, Rockwell Land and its joint venture partner International Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPI) will offer “refreshed city living” through reimagined spaces and uniquely curated lifestyles “Done Rockwell”. This will be evident in its location, well-appointed spaces, and amenities that ensure comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

As the demand for healthy and sustainable workspaces continues to grow, trust that Rockwell will also keep on creating offices that not only meet the needs of today but also anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

Rockwell Workspaces in Cebu will no doubt be another showcase of how offices should be—that is, “Done Rockwell”.