How Chatbots are Becoming the Hub of Customer Experience

Miko Morales

As the economy continues to recover from the ongoing pandemic, it has become clear that digitalization is now an essential for brands and businesses to ensure a seamless customer and client experience as well as to evolve towards the future of customer interaction. 

There is now a demand for companies to be constantly available to provide services, assistance, and information to users. This need is being answered by Megamobile Inc. through its development of fully automated chatbots for some of the country’s best-known brands on the most widely-used messaging platforms in the country; namely, Viber and Messenger. 

Got Viber? On Messenger? Chat with Us

Chatbots are not only sources of instant information but have also evolved to provide richer media services to customers.  Brands are now using chatbots as an on-demand repository of articles and videos that feature their latest promos and products.

With its ability to directly communicate with users, chatbots are able to personalize the promotion of a brand towards its target demographic.  This has also led to quicker and better customer support. With customers being able to directly inquire and provide feedback through chatbots, brands and businesses are given a real-time feel of  their consumers’ pulse.

And with such a big user base on Viber and Messenger, chatbots help businesses expand their reach and improve customer experiences. 

E-commerce platform

Chatbots have also become a safe and viable platform for e-commerce. Brands are integrating their storefronts and giving users the ability to directly browse and buy products and services as well as allow users easy bookings and reservations and, more importantly, to pay by connecting their digital wallets for seamless online transactions.

The improved customer experience and ease-of-access that chatbots provide have also given brands another venue for customer loyalty programs. Brands are now giving exclusive promos and discounts for their customers who complete their transactions using chatbots.


The best thing about chatbots is that any type of brand or business can tailor its functionalities depending on the services  it needs to provide. Proof of this are the various brands and businesses that,  over the years, Megamobile has developed chatbots for. 

From popular food places such as Wendy’s and Conti’s, or known retail brands such as Executive Optical and Digital Walker, to customer solutions provider VXI, their very own customized chatbots have helped them reach more people and improve customer experience online. 

Through Megamobile, these brands and businesses have been able to bolster their digital footprint while providing positive customer experiences. By collaborating with Megamobile,  brands can offer the best possible chatbot experience on the biggest messaging platforms today.

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