The power of Viber Business Messages: Inspiring success stories worldwide

One of the most popular apps in the world with over 1 billion registered users, Viber Business Messages (VBM) enables people to connect and businesses to flourish with the power of messaging technology. 

In its latest report, Viber shares that 4 out of 5 customers are looking for easier ways to communicate with businesses. When choosing businesses to patronize, 71% of study participants said that the lack of instant, real-time contact is a deal breaker for them. The intrusiveness of unscheduled or unexpected phone calls has also been a concern among participants. Receiving texts or messages instead of a call is the preferred way of interaction for every one out of two people. 

Using Viber Business Messages as a tool to create meaningful conversations, businesses, from corporations to mom and pops, can maximize its features to propel them towards reaching milestones. Through it, a brand can follow through on every product inquiry, provide more info about its products and guide customers towards making a purchase. They can make the conversation more personal, raising the ability to capture customer insights, questions, and feedback. VBM has also proven to be an exceptional promotional platform where customers can engage through various real-time offerings like coupons, discounts, and more. 

Just how effective can VBM be? Here are some real-life success stories to inspire you:

15% improvement in delivery rate for a courier company

As the largest messaging app in D Express’ native country, Serbia, with an 82% market penetration, Viber was the obvious messenger marketing tool. Rather than bothering customers with phone calls, D Express turned to Viber Business Messages and chat conversations. As a result, out of 300,000 D Express Business Messages delivered every month, 85% were delivered on time and one-time – an improvement of 15% compared to before they started using Viber. This enabled the business to provide a higher quality of service; improving its customer experience and building trust and loyalty within its customer base.

Higher conversion rate and 10% turnover increase for a leading multichannel retailer

The challenge for one of Ukraine’s leading multichannel retailers of household appliances and electronics is to reduce the number of users abandoning shopping carts on their platform. By choosing Viber Business Messages, Comfy was able to combine instant accessibility, rich media content and compelling Calls-to-Action - all linking to their website and leading to purchase actions. Through this, the retailer was able to achieve a 30% higher conversion rate than SMS and an increase of 10% in revenue turnover.

More efficient customer service for a premier Apple partner in the Philippines

As various Viber features present themselves as excellent ways of instilling brand loyalty, several local businesses in the Philippines are already integrating them in their digital commerce platforms to ease their customers’ journey. One of them is Power Mac Center which launched its official Viber Community and Chatbot to meet the demand of its patrons for convenient customer service. 

Through the platform, Power Mac now answers queries and accommodates orders more efficiently. In the first six months, the Apple partner in the Philippines saw 63% of its users engage with Power Mac Viber services. As the partnership with Viber allowed them to strategically broadcast product releases, the majority of the inquiries were about Power Mac’s items which were processed instantly. After half a year, they registered significant growth with a 21% increase in monthly CSR conversations versus the first six months and were able to process almost a million messages in 11 months. 

Power Mac’s success was powered by Megamobile Inc., a leading Viber developer in the Philippines. For over 15 years now, Megamobile has been at the forefront of enabling technologies to help create better customer experiences and open new marketing channels for brands.

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