How SMS blasts grow brand recognition and trust

Brand trust, recognition, and reach are now, more than ever, essential parts of businesses in the digital age. Unfortunately with digitalization, scams to compromise and steal sensitive customer information of a business through fraudulent SMS have also become prominent.

With SMS blasts still a major avenue for customer interaction, brands and businesses need a way to interact and communicate with their customers safely through secure verification. Megamobile Inc. is helping brands do this through their SMS Mask.

What is SMS Mask?

SMS Mask is a service that lets your brand or business name appear as the sender on SMS blasts for your customers. This provides a secure and verified way to communicate with customers and protects them from fraudulent texts and scams.

Brand promotion and customer engagement

SMS Mask ensures SMS blasts create recognition for your brand or business by putting the brand name at the forefront and having a centralized source of information and interaction. Blasts can be used to promote the latest news and products of your brand and business. 

Text blasts using a service like SMS mask gives brand or business the functionality to create and run contests and promos through a verified and secure line of communication. And having the brand name as the sender gives confidence to customers to trust the source which ultimately increases interaction and engagement.

This also ensures customer information is subject to less attacks since customers are properly notified using the official brand channel when there are important updates or changes.

SMS blasts are an effective method in ensuring your brand and business is recognizable and trusted which has become vital towards increasing reach and engagement with new and existing customers.

With Megamobile, brands will be able to use the mobile space to grow even further by being able to access the full capabilities of SMS blasts in reaching a wider demographic nationwide nearly instantly while providing protections for customers.

To learn how you can implement SMS blasts, use SMS Mask for your business, and other inquiries contact [email protected]