Bria Homes’ environment-friendly systems to improve communities’ sustainability

September 18, 2021 12:00:00

Bria Homes, one of the country's top developers of best-value housing, is fast catching the eye of environment-conscious millennials as it builds safe, sustainable, and healthy communities in key locations nationwide.

For Bria, sustainability means seeing to humankind's everyday needs without inflicting long term damage on the planet so that it may be kept habitable for the forthcoming generations. It's a vision that it shares with value-driven young Filipinos who, as studies now show, make up a substantial segment of the local property market. For this reason, Bria Homes has initiated sustainable practices across its more than 50 residential projects.

Bria Homes president Red Rosales said Bria tries to preserve an important element of sustainability: ecological integrity.

"This involves the judicious use of water, land, energy, and non-renewable resources; the reuse and recycling of household wastes; and the utilization of appropriate technology that serves to reduce the carbon footprint of our communities," he explained.

To significantly reduce its carbon footprints, Bria has installed solar-powered streetlights in all of its communities. These make its recreational facilities, perimeter roads, gardens, parks, walking paths and entrances safer to use and navigate, especially on evenings when residents are inclined to step out and catch some fresh air.

"Solar-powered streetlights are also very economical to use and require almost no maintenance," Rosales said. "Without external wires, the possibility of accidents such as electrocution is also lessened."

Another sustainable, eco-friendly Bria initiative is Sentro, a wide and open space where homeowners can come together to connect and socialize. With its multifunction hall, parks and playgrounds, residents are encouraged to mingle, exercise, and live more active lifestyles. Sentro also houses Bria's amenity hub, which includes a Health Center, a Day Care Center, a Senior Citizen Center and a Barangay Center.

Because Bria Homes wishes to make this sustainable lifestyle accessible to many Filipinos, it continues to use its efficient formula: "Affordability (Mura) + Quality (Dekalidad) = A Beautiful Bria Home for Every Filipino."

"As a company that is aware of the long-term effects of sustainable practices, we are coming up with more ways to help preserve the environment. The simple things that we do—if we do these collectively—will surely mitigate the adverse effects of climate change," Rosales said.

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