June 11, 2021 12:00am

Recipe for Failure: Slow COVID pandemic response + Slow

Vaccination + Bad Politics =

Delayed herd immunity,

economic recovery

Tony Leachon, MD,


Marcos was in power for years before his administration crashed the economy—Duterte took only 5 years. There should be some award for that.

And the ability to create poverty. More than 4 million Filipinos are out of jobs right now thanks to PRRD economic mismanagement

Zion Ryan Cruz, @zryanverse

Apparently, there are still

millions of Filipinos who are still not registered to vote for the May 2022 elections. Your

individual vote counts!

Collectively, you will be part of the millions in the democratic process. Register to get

vaccinated. Be vaccinated.

Vote in May 2022!

Jecon Dreisbach, @jecondraysbak