Conducive spaces, safe communities in the midst of a pandemic /B2-6

By Din M. Villafuerte

April 17, 2021

A lot of us had been guilty of overlooking our living spaces. It might be unintentional as we used to spend so little time at home, merely using it as sleeping quarters as we're either scurrying off to work, going on gimmicks, or leaving for out-of-town trips.

Nowadays, however, our homes have become our safe spaces amid the pandemic, forcing many of us to stay inside to avoid the dreadful coronavirus.

"If there's anything that this pandemic has made us realize, it's that our homes will always be our safe space, a sanctuary where you can find respite and comfort," shared Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles. This realization is what drives the long-standing property developer to be "more committed than ever to create conducive, future-proof spaces where families can grow, thrive and become fully resilient."

Aside from homes that are built to last, Sta. Lucia Land has been doing its part to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Health and safety protocols are strictly implemented, from its offices to every Sta. Lucia development. Cleanliness is maintained in residential projects, which undergo regular disinfection as well. The property developer keeps its homeowners and stakeholders engaged in keeping their communities and living spaces safe and sound from viruses.


As Sta. Lucia Land sees to it that its developments are kept clean, it encourages its homeowners to do the same when it comes to their living spaces. Wipe down your home's most frequently touched surfaces with a household cleaner that contains soap or detergent on a daily basis or even several times a day if you live with people who come and go for work and errands. High-touch surfaces are doorknobs, tables, light switches, handles and kitchen counters.

DisinfectAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can never be too sure if you are able to remove virus particles on surfaces by cleaning alone. Sta. Lucia Land reminds everyone to disinfect high-touch surfaces after wiping these with a household cleaner. Keep in mind though that each surface has a corresponding product that suits it. For instance, some disinfecting wipes cannot be used on porous surfaces such as wood. Read and follow the labels on your disinfecting products carefully.

Stock upMake sure that you and your family have enough supplies at home. Stock up, but do not ever hoard. There are households which need provisions, too. A two-week supply of food and necessities should be enough.

Items that you need include fruits and veggies to keep you healthy and boost your immune system; cleaning and sanitizing materials such as soap, detergent, rubbing alcohol, household bleach; dried or canned goods such as soup and canned meat; rice; as well as your go-to, physician-approved medicines for fever, colds and cough. Fortunately, there are groceries and convenience stores well within walking distance of every Sta. Lucia Land neighborhood.

Take advantage

of technology

Thanks to technology, one can work, study, play, shop from the safety of the home. Sta. Lucia Land is making use of online payment platforms in order to minimize the risk of exposing its staff, clients and their families to COVID-19. In addition, future homeowners can do a property search through and browse through the many offerings of the trusted developer. You can also request for a price estimate of the property you're interested in through Sta. Lucia Land's website.