Be prepared and be protected for the future

It is said that preparation is only half the battle. However, no matter how much work will be put into planning and preparing ourselves for future scenarios, unforeseen events and accidents can still happen and might become a financial burden for our loved ones. 

This is why it is just as equally important to have a thorough and suitable protection plan in case of adversity. Cocolife is offering Filipinos a way to be financially prepared and taken care of in case of any unanticipated tragedy with Cocolife Protect and Protect Plus protection plans. 

These products are designed to be comprehensive and affordable protection plans that provide financial security in the event of an accident resulting in “injury, disability, or death.” The prime benefit of these protection plans is providing full or partial cash amounts of up to a million Pesos for the insured in event of an accidental death or injury leading to a disability or inability to function of any specific body part/s respectively. 

Along with providing cash amounts, Cocolife Protect offers burial benefits for the insured’s beneficiaries in the event of death due to an accident. The Protect Plus plan offers further protections by providing burial benefits for death due to any cause. The benefits mentioned will help the insured’s beneficiaries to cope with their loss financially. 

The Cocolife Protect and Protect Plus plans also provide an optional rider for the insured to get reimbursements from medical expenses incurred from an accident with the amount based on the maximum specified by the policy you avail.

The best thing about these protection plans is people in all life stages can be insured. From as early as 5 years old up to 64 years of age, Cocolife Protect and Protect Plus can be availed with coverage of up to three years and can be renewed so financial security for your beneficiaries in the long term is ensured.

“We assure you that Cocolife will provide you with only the highest quality of service, as we have done for over 40 years. It is a commitment that made us the first ISO-certified life insurance company in the Philippines,” said Cocolife President and CEO Atty. Martin A. Loon. 

“As one of the recognized industry leaders, Cocolife is keeping its promise to actively help create better lives for you,” he added.

Cocolife’s protection plans are a show of its commitment to aid and provide Filipinos an opportunity at a better life and future even in the face of unexpected tragedy. It is their unwavering belief in the resilience of Filipinos to move forward and if need be, start over towards a better life.

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